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Liz Days

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A character & voice actor, New Haven transplant, and energetic longterm New Yorker, Liz Days knows drama and seeks out joy. She's a graduate of William Esper Studio's Meisner Acting program where she found her tears, and has honed her humor performing standup comedy at clubs and dark basements throughout NYC.


As the co-producer/host of Liz & Missy's Comedy Party!!! -- a themed standup comedy show that ran for 2 years on Manhattan’s Lower East Side -- she created some of the quirky & endearing characters that became her solo sketch show Flighty Connections! . She performed it to sold-out audiences at the PIT in NYC and as a fundraiser for her own arts high school in New Haven.

Liz stars as Reverend Todd Lawn's zealous fireball wife Tammy in Andrew Nielson’s 2-season comedy series Plant about a small start-up church congregation "savin' souls in the big city," for which she won Best Actress honors at the NYC Web Fest, HollyWeb, and Indie Series Awards. Liz landed a spot on the pre-nomination Emmy ballot in 2017 for Plant (short form content) among only 27 actresses. 

Upcoming projects include her comedic role as the un-woke co-worker Pat in Payroll 

(campsightstudios.com / YouTube Red);  bar regular Jade (and other roles) in a new adult animated comedy show; Isla in the feature film City of One by comedian Andrea Ilene Shapiro; and 2 dramatic turns on the ID Network.  


Liz is the wife of a good ol’ Brooklyn native, the child of interracial love, and a proud maple syrup enthusiast

Comedic Liz Days

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